Photography of Raton, New Mexico.

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From prehistoric artists drawing and pecking on rocks, to 19th Century painters, to modern sculptors and potters, artists have long been attracted to Northern New Mexico, the Northeast Highlands, and Raton.  The area has proven to be especially captivating to photographers including the earliest pioneers of the technology, numerous professionals who call the area home, and countless hobbyists and amateurs.

It seems the Raton area features a colorful sunset more nights than not thanks to the open skies, clean air, and dramatic clouds.




New Mexico is home to many photogenic and colorful happenings ranging from very modern annual events, to patriotic celebrations that are decades old, to Native American dances and ceremonies that date back thousands of years.






Raton is nestled amidst a spectacular landscape created by volcanoes, upthrust mountain ranges, massive inland seas and swamps, and millions of years of erosion and continental uplift.

The abundance and diversity of wildlife attracted the earliest Paleolithic hunters to the Raton area 10,000 years ago.  Some of the Nation’s earliest conservationists, outdoor writers, and naturalists were motivated to action by the region’s natural habitats.  Vacationing families, hunters and fishermen, and environmentalists are drawn to the area still today.

Historic sites of local and statewide relevance, datable evidence of the first human occupation in North America, significant dinosaur discoveries of worldwide interest…  the first known Tyrannosaurus Rex footprint, K-T Boundary, Folsom Site, tepee rings and rock art, Santa Fe Trail, early homesteads, historic downtown architecture, numerous “ghost” towns and mining camps…  The Raton area is practically an open museum of world history.

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