2014 Santa Fe Trail Balloon Rally


This year’s International Santa Fe Trail Balloon Rally was held on July 4-6, 2014.  The weather was excellent, the Kiwanis fundraiser pancakes were delicious, and the event was well-attended.  The rally is a family-friendly outdoor event with no charge for admission.

Photos from the 2014 International Santa Fe Trail Balloon Rally:

Selected Photos from Day 1

A balloon snags on the scoreboard at Gabriel Field.

Selected Photos from Day 2

A balloon soars against a background of early morning clouds.

Selected Photos from Day 3

Several balloons inflating at La Mesa Airfield.

Balloon owners and pilots who participated in the 2014 International Santa Fe Trail Balloon Rally, I’d be happy to send you a full-resolution image file of your balloon.  You may use it to promote your balloon, or for your own personal use.  Just use the form on the Contact page to let me know which balloon is yours.  I’ll select the best photo(s) featuring your balloon and send it via email.

Similarly, if you sponsored a balloon in this year’s rally, I may have a photo that highlights your banner.  If so, I’d be happy to send a high-resolution copy for your company’s or organization’s use.

If you were a pilot or sponsor for a previous Santa Fe Trail Balloon Rally, I may also have an image to offer.  Please use the contact form and leave details.

Each year my family enjoys the scenery and action of the balloon rally, casually walking around the airfield right among the balloons as they inflate and lift off.  Making my photos available to the people who make it happen is the least I can do in return.

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