2019 Master of the Mountain


September 7, 2019 was the 7th annual Master of the Mountain Adventure Relay.  The relay consists of four events:  running, paddling, cycling, and shooting.

The first event, each of the runners was photographed as they headed west from Lake Maloya on the Opportunity Trail.

Second, each kayaker / paddler was photographed as they rounded the buoy at the New Mexico – Colorado state line.

The cycling portion is the longest event.  Riders peddle from the dam at Lake Maloya to the Raton Trap Club.

A few cyclists were photographed as they climbed up from the Canadian River crossing.

The last event is shotgun shooting as a variety of targets, including flying clay pigeons.

Until next year…

Official event website:  http://www.ratonmom.com/

Final race times:  http://www.ccrtiming.com/events-results/2019-results/master-of-the-mountain.htm