LittleBobBob Wick and his wife Elizabeth have lived in Raton, New Mexico for over 15 years.  Before moving here permanently Bob worked at Philmont Scout Ranch from 1987-1997, seven of those years in the backcountry.  He enjoys driving and traveling, backpacking and hiking, and having adventures with his young son.  He has lived in Illinois, Arkansas, and New Mexico.  His work has taken him throughout New Mexico and the Southwest, many other places in the United States, and several times to Australia.

He is not seeking a career as a professional photographer, but rather created this website an outlet for his many photographs of Raton and Northeastern New Mexico.  “What good are they if no one sees them?”

Bob Wick’s first published photo appeared in the September 25, 2014 edition of the Raton Comet.  More recently his photos have been used on the KRTN (Raton radio station) website.  Steve Stucker of KOB (Albuquerque television) has featured Bob Wick’s weather-related photos on television broadcasts.  And some of his photos were displayed on Norteno1.Blogspot.com during that website’s coverage of the Track Fire in 2011.  His first public showing of framed photography was at the 2014 Ralph Solano Memorial Photography Exhibit and Sale held at the Old Pass Gallery in Raton, where he also sold his first photograph.

Disclaimer from Bob Wick:

There is another Bob Wick who is a well-known landscape and scenery photographer.  That Bob Wick works for the B.L.M. and lives in California.  He is not me,  and I have no association or relation to him.

Some of his stunning work can be seen here:  http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/prog/blm_special_areas/nm/ccnm/photo_gallery.html