Monuments and Memorials


This page is an ongoing project.  More memorials, monuments, and historic markers will be added in the future.  If there are any memorials in particular that you feel should not be overlooked, please let me know.

  • Miner as Hero No 1
  • Unknown at Raton Middle School
  • Pride and Anguish
  • Memorial Rose Garden


Miner as Hero No .1

Sometimes referred to as the RoboCop Coal Miner, this monument features an exoskeletal stylized statue of a shirtless coal miner with gargantuan hands, a hammer, and a cap lamp.  It also includes two steel pillars and a mine cart filled with coal.  The monument  is located at the entrance to the Miner’s Colfax Medical Center (MCMC)  acute care hospital on the south edge of Raton.  The statue’s nontraditional appearance caused some minor controversy after it’s unveiling in 2009.


This historic marker is located at the northwest corner of the Raton Middle School schoolyard, near the intersection of S. 4th Street and Galesteo Avenue.  It is apparently not related to the school.   The marker is made of sandstone that has eroded over time.  The lettering is only partially legible and reads,




R.T.S. Co.

A.T.&S.F.R.R. undoubtedly refers to the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, the company that once operated the railroad through Raton.  The tracks are located three blocks to the east, currently owned by Burlington Northern Santa Fe, and now used only for Amtrak’s Southwest Chief  trains.

If anyone has further information about this marker, I’d be happy to add it to the description.  Contact.

Pride and Anguish

This monument features a man saying good bye to his family as he leaves to fight in World War II.  The statue was unveiled in August, 2008 and is located at the north end of Ripley Park on S 2nd Street in downtown Raton.

Memorial Rose Garden

On the south side of Ripley Park is a small area separated from the rest of the grassy park by an elm hedge.  The area, as indicated by a worn sign, is designated as the Memorial Rose Garden.  Aside from a lone rose bush, the garden area contains a small fruit tree and young ash tree.

If anyone is knowledgeable as to the age and origin of this garden area, I’d be happy to add the information to this web page.  Contact.

More to come…