Why are these night photos displayed in black-and-white?  Three reasons:

First, the older architecture in Raton at night has a certain ‘atmosphere’ to it, like a black and white movie.  And I really like film noir.

Second, the human eye doesn’t see colors well in dim or dark conditions.  Without the street lights, these scenes would be black-and-white naturally.

Third, the street lights.  The city of Raton uses some very bright orange street lights, some sort of sodium lighting.  I find it nearly impossible to completely or convincingly color-correct the photos for these lights.

Nocturnal, Series I

Nocturnal, Series II

Series II was taken on January 9, 2015.  The town was buried under a deep freezing fog.  Ice crystals had formed on every branch, fence, power line, blade of grass, and were even ‘growing’ out of cracks in the pavement.  Driving conditions were poor on account of the ice-covered roads and most events in town were cancelled; downtown was even more empty than usual.