Track Fire Cont.


June 13, 2011:  Day 2

On Day 2 of the Track Fire, the daily winds began and the fire resumed it’s course.

Amtrak trains were routed away from Raton and the Raton Pass remained closed.

Trees burst into flames near a home on Bartlett Mesa.

Multiple fire-fighting aircraft created a ‘wall’ of retardant on the ground to prevent the fire from endangering the town.

The aircraft and other firefighting efforts were helpless to stop the fire from raging over Bartlett Mesa and into the next canyon to the east, the location of Sugarite Canyon State Park.

Meanwhile, the fire on the west side of I-25 had also flared, burning the forest in the Old Pass area.

Aerial firefighting continued until evening.

State-wide news crews set up near the Subway restaurant to collect video and relay the news to the rest of New Mexico.

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