Moreno Valley


Someone casually driving through Moreno Valley might only notice the tourist towns, trailer parks, and housing developments.  But in reality, just beyond the view from the road, Moreno Valley is a place with a rich history including ranching and mining.  Unfortunately most of the valley is private property, No Trespassing.  But occasionally the landowners generously allow the public to visit and understand the true nature of the Moreno Valley.

The following photos were taken on a 2016 tour organized by the Eagle Nest Historic Museum.

The dam was completed as a private project in 1918, and in 2002 Eagle Nest Lake was purchased by the State of New Mexico.  While the Eagle Nest Lake is now public property, a restrictive plot of private property blocks public access to the dam face.

Away from the busy highway and beyond the housing subdivisions are many historic ranches.  Still in use as operating ranches, some are kept in authentic and original condition.

When passing through, a stop at the Enchanted Circle Gateway Museum & Visitor Center is worthwhile.