Digital Copies for Commercial and Non-Commercial Use

If you would like permission to use any of the photographs on this website, please use the Contact form to send the details of your request.  Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Permission for any non-profit use, especially for the purpose of promoting Raton, will likely be granted. Permission for news or media outlets that provide no-cost services to the Raton area will likely be granted on the condition of a photo credit byline.  I retain all copyrights unless otherwise negotiated.

If a digital copy of any of these photographs would be suitable for promoting your business or for-profit enterprise, please contact me.  These photo files can be cropped or resized for practically any use such as brochures, websites, or printed ads.  High-resolution .jpeg files and/or the original RAW files can be provided if necessary.

If you or your organization requires exclusive use of any photo, including copyright ownership, that can be arranged. Under such an agreement I would turn over all copies, printed and digital, of the image and remove the image from the website if applicable.


Any photograph on this website is available for sale in printed form.  Prices will vary depending on size, type of printing, and delivery costs; there are no set prices but I promise the cost will be quite reasonable. Most can be cropped to specific dimensions should you have a favorite frame already selected.  Color photographs are printed at a service used by many professional photographers; black and white prints are created at a specialty company.

Requests for custom editing or specialized printing will be considered.

Framed Photographs

Framed and ready-to-hang photos are often available either through photography shows at the local art gallery or from me directly.  I use only Made-in-the-USA framing supplies including metal frames, plain clear framing glass or acrylic (depending on size of frame), and acid-free archival mats and backing.

Below are some examples of framed photos from past exhibits, priced at $150 each.

Hot air balloon south of Raton during the 2013 Santa Fe Trail Balloon Rally

12″x18″. Framed to 16″x22″. Black mat.

Afternoon rain storm over Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron, New Mexico

12″x18″. Framed to 18″x24″. White mat.

Storm approaching Mount Dora, New Mexico

12″x18″. Framed to 16″x22″. Double mat, tan and white.

Other Services

I have experience in photographing mineral samples, items for eBay sales, small collectibles, and supplying photos for websites and operating manuals.  If you are in need of in these types of photographic services, please use the contact form to send details and maybe we can work something out.  However, I must emphasize that I am not a professional photographer and am often busy with work, family, and hobby-related activities.  If I should accept this sort of task the price will be very reasonable, agreed on in advance, and payment will be dependent only on your satisfaction with the final images.
I am not, at this time, interested in portrait-type photography.


G.S.A. knife photographed for the New Mexico Scouting Museum.

A local enthusiast’s project car.


Please use this form for any inquiries or comments.